Jan 21, 2014

All those who stand up for the people are very conveniently called anarchists.

At the Seattle WTO Ministerial in 1999

When I protested along with hundreds of people on the streets of Seattle at the WTO Ministerial in 1999, I was called an anarchist; when I question the economics of G-20 or G-8 and defy the police cordon, I am again called an anarchist; when I raise pointers to the flawed economic policies of Govt of India, I am labelled as being anti-development; when I oppose GM crops I am called luddite; and when I lead the people's protest against an unwanted land grab through a Petro SEZ at Mangalore, I am called a naxalite. In others words, if you stand and talk for the rights of the people, you are a threat to the nation, you are an anarchist. I don't mind whatever tag is bestowed as long as I am convinced that justice is not being done. If at the end of all these we are now told that the economic wealth of 85 people is more than that of 3.5 billion, please tell me where was I wrong? If the rich are becoming richer and the poor are being driven to the wall, please tell me how was I wrong? If the soils are poisoned, oceans polluted, rivers run dry, human health compromised, and the planet is warming up at an unmanageable pace, please tell me why shouldn't I be asking the right questions? If economic growth only means ruthlessly exploiting the natural resources to fill the pockets of the wealthy, please tell me how am I an anarchist? 

Regardless of what you call me, my fight for justice will go on.

Anti-austerity protests in Rome 2012

People protest against land grab in Cambodia, 2012


Anonymous said...

Do not bother about what tag they label you with , just keep on with your good work for this mother earth and its inhabitants. Good luck

Anonymous said...

It is very difficult to move out of our comfort zone for general good and yet when some one does it, we call them anarchist.

Sunita K Sreedharan
New Delhi

Anonymous said...

Sharma ji, you are doing very good work and helping the people to gain knowledge. However in this world only money is master. most of the times our protests not gained much significance. Let us do our best. We are with you.

Vinodkumar Jeeturi

Anonymous said...

There are many who admire you and they are other than people who you are directly fighting for!

Tapan Patnaik

Anonymous said...

I'm an anarchist too..... so let's keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Could this be the kernel for the politics of envy?