Oct 23, 2013

India to allow China to acquire land within the country. Why then deploy army to protect the Indian border?

Manning the hostile Chinese border -- Hindu photo. 

At a time when lakhs of Indian soldiers are deployed on the Chinese borders to protect the Indian soil, and thousands (my uncle was one of them) have already laid down their life fighting over the years to protect any Chinese intrusion into India, Prime MinisterManmohan Singh is inviting China to set up Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and industrial parks within the country. He is expecting Chinese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to boost industrial activity (Chinese FDI to set up SEZs likely post-2014, reports Times of India Oct 23, 2013 http://bit.ly/16uhNjX)

This raises a question in my mind. If Chinese are being offered land within the country to set up shop then why should we sacrifice human life at the Indo-China border to protect even an inch of land going into Chinese hands? What national sovereignty are we protecting if Chinese are allowed to acquire more and more land within the country? Why should we sacrifice a soldier's life in protecting even an inch of soil when we ourselves are offering huge chunks of land to China? Also, with more and more Chinese investment coming into India (and also their labour force, eventually) what will happen whenever (God forbid) India goes to war with China? 

This reminds me of what my journalist friend Zingisha from South Africa had said some years back when I was a Press Fellow at the University of Cambridge. In one of our discussions about globalisation, I vividly recall her words: "They follow the Triple M Approach. First they sent the missionaries, it didn't work; then they sent military, it didn't work; now they are sending money, it will work." 

Oh ! my God !! Isn't that true? #

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