Jan 7, 2013

Ground Reality to change with times.

As we enter 2013, you will see Ground Reality in a new format. Some of you have sent me suggestions or spoken to me on phone asking for short and immediate comments on topical issues. I have pondered over it, discussed it among my colleagues, and agree that it is time to make it more relevant and therefore bring in quick short notes on events and developments that need immediate response/reaction/analysis. Usually I have been penning down longer essays and analytical articles, which also would continue but in addition you will have shorter notes/comments. Sometimes, it could also be more than one short comment in a day.

The idea of course is to make it more relevant and newsworthy. It would also provide an immediate reaction to some major developments which will have bearing on hunger and food security. For the journalists I am sure this will come in handy as a reaction, and also help remove doubts and confusions, if any. For the policy makers, academicians, economists, scientists and members of civil society the new format will hopefully be more informative and in many cases help clear the mist over the real intention behind the move.

This also draws inspiration from the blog Nobel laureate Paul Krugman writes. Sometimes he writes just two paras, but that is what is immediately needed. I am not trying to ape him, but feel motivated to make this blog more interactive and useful.

Happy reading.

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Sangeeta said...

wow! i am glad that u got onto this decision....it was a kind of latent demand that u fulfilled sir! m sure all your readers will look forward to this! :)