May 17, 2010

How inhuman can humans be: 4,000 cows being slaughtered every hour in the US alone

This is a shocking video. It does make you visualise the extent of damage being done by slaughtering of cows in the United States alone.

It is so inhuman.

The next time you are in a restaurant and place an order for beef, just picture this in your mind. If you are sensitive enough I am sure you would like to cancel your order.

What beef consumption means for Third World hunger, food security, water mining and global warming is also a related dimension, which probably you have read about already.

You can rectify this global folly by taking the first step: stop eating beef.


uthamanarayanan said...

You are right calling them inhuman in butchering cows or what ever animals.But humans lived on animals and other non veg stuff in life.I am a pure vegetarian, but what right I have to tell the world that everyone should be a vegetarian not harming animals.What right we have in fishing ? If the thinking process goes on like this are we not hating the fellow humans, a degrading aspect of being humane to humans.Some become vegetarians,spiritualist,saints etc., I am a bachelor in its true sense crossed 50s but should I advise everyone to be so by virtue of my status.
Well, I am reading all your articles since I am following you in my google Reader.This is my opinion , if crossing and barging into your domain , sorry.

Ramesh Dubey said...

आदरणीय देवेंद्र जी आपने प्रति घंटे 4000 गायों को काटे जाने का जो समाचार दिया वह आंशिक रूप से सच है । पूरा सच तो यह है कि अमेरिका को मांस आपूर्ति के लिए दुनिया भर में पशुओं की हत्‍या की जा रही है । सिर्फ पशु ही नहीं जंगल भी बड़े पैमाने पर काटे जा रहे हैं । उष्‍ण कटिबंध के जिन वनों को धरती का फेफड़ा कहा जाता है वे आज प्रति सेकेंड डेढ़ एकड़ अर्थात प्रति मिनट 90 एकड़ की गति से काटे-जलाए जा रहे हैं ताकि अमेरीकियों को मांस की अबाध आपूर्ति के लिए पशुओं को खिलाने हेतु सोयाबीन की खेती की जा सके । अमेरिकी मांसाहार आदतें अब दुनिया भर में फैलती जा रही है क्‍योंकि दुनिया भर में यह सर्वमान्‍य सिद्धांत बन गया है कि जो अमेरिका कर रहा है वह ठीक है और उसका अनुसरण किया जाना चाहिए । भारत में भी स्‍टेटस सिंबल के लिए मांस की खपत तेजी से बढ़ रही है । यदि गणना किया जाए तो भारत में भी प्रतिघंटे अमेरिका से कई गुना अधिक पशु बूचडखानों में कट रहे हैं । इसी का परिणाम है कि गांव पशु विहीन होते जा रहे हैं ।

रमेश दुबे

Anonymous said...

Why do you stop at cow slaughter? What about the millions of chickens and hens being crowded into tiny coops in Indian markets? They are kept in such close confinement that they resort to cannibalism. Indian poultry markets treat animals in inhuman ways too.
I really wish you would publish this in your Huffington Post column and tell it to those Americans like it is. But that would be like biting the hand that feeds you, no?

Devinder Sharma said...

First of all, I do NOT get paid for my Huffington Post article.

Secondly, please do comment on the blog posts, but do not be rude. I had posted this video simply to inform people as to what is happening. I am aware of the implications of factory farming, and am not a supporter of such kinds of foods. Please try to follow my work before you pass such insidious remarks.

Also, let me make it clear that I have posted all kinds of comments, except those which are abusive and not printable.

Devinder Sharma