Jan 1, 2010


Devinder Sharma is an award winning journalist, author, thinker and is internationally respected for his incisive analysis on food and agriculture.

Trained as an agricultural scientist, Sharma has been formerly with the Indian Express, and then left journalism to research and analyse policy implications on free trade and agriculture, biodiversity and patenting, genetic engineering and corporate control, and its implications for food security and the survival of the farming communities.

Passionately involved in fighting hunger, he continues to be one of the strongest voices against the international and national policies that acerbate the crisis in hunger and malnutrition. Sharma was also on the forefront of the recent nationwide movement that saw India reject the first genetically modified food crop -- Bt brinjal.

Widely traveled and honored, he chairs the New Delhi-collective Forum for Biotechnology & Food Security. The popular Indian weekly The Week had in its Independent Day Special issue (Aug 19, 2009) named Devinder Sharma among the 25 Most Valuable Indians.

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