Jan 6, 2010

My new book: 'Bhookh Ka Asli Chehra' (The Real Face of Hunger)

It is time for a commercial break now.

I take this opportunity to introduce my new book -- Bhookh Ka Asli Chehra (The Real Face of Hunger) -- published in Hindi. It has still not been formally launched, but I received an advance copy from the publishers yesterday.

The book (230 pages) has been published by the South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy (SADED) in New Delhi.

I can't say much about what the book says. To give you an idea, I would rather reproduce what is stated on the back cover:

This book contains Devinder Sharma’s incisive analysis and interpretation of the politics and games being played in the name of hunger, free trade and food security. In his own inimitable style, Sharma exposes the myth of utopian growth and sustainable development that the World Trade Organisation (WTO) promises to usher in. Drawing a clear connection between corporate control, political power and commercial greed, Sharma amplifies the market and technology transfer processes that are likely to destroy food self-sufficiency and aggravate problems of food security and hunger in the developing world.

For more information, please write to Mr Vijay Pratap at info@saded.in or networkscommunication@gmail.com  


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on the publishing of another valuable book. And it is very important timing for your book to come out now and I know it will be a help.

All the best,

bindu said...

This is good - congratulations! Will there be an english version any time soon?

KATTY said...

Amazing and curosity raising cover of your book. Looking for its publication. If you feel approprite, then you may write a abstract of this in your Blog for reader's digest. Many a congrats on your earnast efforts.