Oct 26, 2009

Why do GM scientists lie?

Every time I meet an agricultural scientist, especially those who are engaged in Genetic Engineering, I am shocked at the blatant manner in which they lie. They are not even remotely ashamed of telling a lie, although they know they are not speaking the truth.

I thought telling a lying was a prerogative of the agricultural scientists alone. But over the past few years I am noticing that molecular geneticists, whether they work for the Royal Society in London or Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi or even the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, have picked up the art (or should I say science) of lying, and that too right through their nose. 

Genetic Engineering has surely come of age. It has become synomenous with lying.

It didn't shock me when I was told last week that the Royal Society in London had come out with a report, which warns that if Britain does not adopt GM crops, it should be ready to face hunger and starvation. Feeding another 2.3 billion people by the year 2050 and at the same time limit the environmental impact of farming would require GM crop research to be taken up vigorously, the study says.

Both the points stressed in the report -- producing more food to feed an additional 2.3 billion people, and the use of GM crops to offset any environmental damage accruing from intensive farming systems -- are simple lies. Neither do GM crops produce higher yields (in fact, the GM crops in market by and large produce less than the normal varieties), nor are they environmentally safe. World over the debate is about its biosafety and environmental impacts, and look at these scientists associated with the Royal Society, they don't even bat an eyelid before speaking lies.

Oh dear ! Where is science headed to? If this is the level to which the scientists can stoop down to, you should be ready for the worst.

What a climbdown? What a disgrace for modern science? I am so glad my children did not pick up science in their graduation.

The other day I was in a TV discussion on Bt brinjal. There were two scientists on the panel -- one from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute and the other from Jawaharlal Nehru University. If you had watched that programme, I am sure you would have been appalled at the number of times they lied. I was particularly very disturbed when I found one of them having the courage to tell a blatant lie, and that too starkly. There is no difference in the development of high-yielding crop varieties and the transgenics like Bt brinjal, the scientist said.

I realise that the GM scientists have a tremendous task at hand to justify what they are doing in their labs (and also outside labs, when they hobnob with biotech company officials). The mere fact that they have to resort to all kinds of lies to justify the tinkering of plant genome, and the mindless insertion of Bt genes in every crop they can lay their hands upon, speaks volumes about what is happening behind the closed doors of the GM laboratories.

I can cite numerous other instances when GM scientists have lied. But I think I would rather have you tell me if you were also faced with a pack of lies. GM scientists are liers, and let us make that public. We would be doing a great service to the society, to humanity, and to mankind.


Yayaver said...

I think that You are talking about a group discussion on Dordarshan Channel. When scientist started doing research on behalf of the companies to get last voice in their favor, they more become lobbyist. Global warming became myth for them and GM food items become consumer goods. Its sad state of affairs.We now live in the era of globalisation where organised greed defeats unorganised voice of truth.

Anonymous said...

Few abstract points that can be raised during debates:
1. Are we fighting hunger or obseity/heart problems/diabetes?
2. Are we fighting food wastage which is only increasing?
3. Are we putting in money on spreading word on crop rotation, IPM, INM, bio-diversity impact on farming?
4. Are we collaborating on established-sustained agri practices? I know lot of farmers have tried and tested methods but don't have platform to share.
5. Are we giving farmers free access to markets?
6. Why not improve public distribution system?
7. Why not improve water management, we use 750 times the required qty of water due to...?

We need to pick up these battles to win a war...

Anonymous said...

आदरणीय देवेंद्र जी जीएम फसलों के बहाने खेती किसानी को बाजार के हवाले करने की कुटिल चाल का आपने सटीक विश्‍लेषण किया । यदि जीएम फसलों वास्‍तव में लाभ का सौदा थीं यूरोप के देशों ने इसे नकार कयों दिया । दरअसल यह विकासशील देशों की खेती किसानी को बहुराष्‍ट्रीय कंपनियों के हवाले करने की कुटिल चाल है । ये कंपनियां साम, दाम, दंड, भेद अपनाकर अपने पक्ष में निर्णय करा रही हैं । यदि जीएम फसलें लाभ का सौदा थी तो विदर्भ के किसान आत्‍महत्‍या को गले लगाने पर क्‍यों विवश हुए । आखिर जीएम फसलों के पक्षधर इनके स्‍वास्‍थ्‍य व पर्यावरण पर पड़ने वाले कुप्रभावों पर खुलकर चर्चा क्‍यों नहीं करते । इससे स्‍पष्‍ट है कि दाल में कुछ काला अवश्‍य है ।

रमेश कुमार दुबे

Anonymous said...

Every where it happens . Where ever the genetic scientists/ supporting agriculture scientists speak they tell these lies to convince the ignorant public. But this is never considered as a propaganda stuff because they are part of the establishment( which includes seed companies and agri business corporations also). But when some other scientists talk about the other side of these lies ( obviously they are independent scientists/ ousted from establishments because of their positions on genetic engineering) they are called propagandists and anti development, anti farmer etc. In one of the meetings on genetic engineering which I attended one of the scientists from IARI got so angry and told in public that those who oppose the GM crops will be crushed under the jaggernaut of this technology!!


Anonymous said...

Genetic Science is a sham science and as yet is not aware of the form of fuel or energy and its structurein a tiny seed and this Sham Science in guady names like Genetic Technology is now being vigorously pushed purposely, or should I say being purposely forced upon people to quence the greed of Corporations and large Trans-national companies through such corrupt Corrupt Governments, like we always have in India where
its leaders agreed to sell thier nations to the interests of the mercenaries and large corporates whowith the help of global financial systems, which were created to hoodwink and exert controls, buy nations sell nations and now ably aided by the equally or more corrupt visual and print Media that like a commodity that you can buy or sell in the
market place and is no longer a reliable friend for the civil society.

Ashok Sharma

Anonymous said...

Indeed why are so many on the GEAC so thoroughly dishonest? And why cant our rulers find some honest people to work for the nation, rather than for Monsanto?

V.C. Nanda

Anonymous said...

Pls check this

Anonymous said...

Dear Devinder ji

One needs a lie,
one needs to lie,
one needs to lie over and over again
to make it sound (?) like truth.

I missed that tv programme Devinder, and you also did'nt elaborate as to what and how did you face/counter their lies.

I am happy/embloldened to suggest that kindly share their mail id's with us so that we can do what ever we can.

...and by the way I forgot to to suggest that we all need to read full text/excerpts of Solvey Conference(1926), where Einstein was being pushed right left and centre with 'lies' by Niel Bohr and his gang of scientists.

As they say 'history repeats itself...
with this urdu couplet, she'र, I beg your leave :

रख ख्याल अपनी इबारत का जान ओ खूँ से अपने
क्योंकि कुफ्र वालों से बशारत की तवक्को है फिजूल.

thanks and best wishes.

Ernest Albert

Anonymous said...

Someone who talks about "the spirit of gaia" and "a gross happiness index" is not the sort of person to ask for scientific advice.

If Devinder Sharma wants to spot a liar, he should look in the mirror. He's paid well by Europeans to tell lies, and if he quits lying, he'll be out of a job.

Devinder Sharma said...

Ha ! haa !!

Yet, another lie.

I wish someone could impress upon the Europeans to pay me, and pay me well. I shall be grateful.

Devinder Sharma

Anonymous said...

He/she does not even have the courage to put his/her name. But we can expect more of this kind of allegations in future also.


Anonymous said...

Remember that genetic engineering is not science--it is engineering.
Science is the process of studying things.
Engineering is the process of making things.
Genetic engineers "make things", and are not all that talented at that. They only test for the so-called desired trait, plus those traits that go along for the ride, such as antibiotic resistance, etc.
If genetic engineers were scientists, they would test for ANY and ALL changes that occur in going from the original cell to the new one.
Further these faux scientists are such idiots that they don't have a clue about where their injected genes have "landed". In the process of engineering a new trait into a cell, did they break a chromosome or two? Did they insert their desired gene into a previously intact chromosome?
The questions are endless and the answers are miniscule.
Genetic engineers are like little boys playing, not with matches, but with armed, nuclear weapons.
Anyone heard about the genetic engineer who tweaked the common soil bacterium, Klebsiella planticola? In the process, she inadvertently created a bacterium that, when reintroduced back into soil, killed every single plant with which it came in contact. When she realized with horror what "could have been", she retrieved all the cultures and destroyed them. She said, "we HOPE we destroyed them all." She was so horrified by it all, that she closed down her GM lab, then divorced herself from the field of genetic engineering altogether. Just think of the "field day" that those common soil bacteria would have as they worked their way across the landscape(s).
Remember that many, most, or maybe all, genetically engineered cells contain viral promoter genes. This is a segment of genetic material that is used to "kick-start" replication. Once replication is going, it's sort of autonomous, but it needs a "jump start" initially, and genetic engineers do it on the cheap, by often using promoter sequences from a virus known as Cauliflower Mosaic Virus, a distant relative of some potentially lethal viruses. When they isolate viral promoter gene sequences from the virus genome, they are in essence creating a "free agent" that is now free to recombine with many and possibly any other genome with which it comes in contact.
Viral promoter genome might not be technically considered "living", but rest assured it is far from "dead", as it does have the potential to combine and recombine with other genetic entities.
I get nervous thinking about all the potential harm (aside from all the harm they've already done!) these genetic engineers can and will do.
Last but not least, one of the common lies perpetrated by the GM crowd is that they are doing the same thing that farmers have done for centuries. Bullcrap. Farmers have never purposely incorporated lethal virus promoter genes into food crops. Farmers have never even wanted to purposely incorporate gense conferring antibiotic resistance into food crop cells. Well, I'll stop prattling on, but there is more....

(as posted on countercurrent.org)